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Monday, 17 December 2007

two blokes from the 70's

What a bumper year its been for music,starting back in March with my annual trip to NYC to see The Allman Brothers Band. It's now December and the gigs continue.
Last weekend Moray and I headed off to Herne Hill in South London to catch yet another of the Allman Brothers family. This time it was Gregg's son (not sure which wife is the mum!) Devon and his band Honeytribe.
Our only previous experience of Devon was at a party thrown by the ABB, where he did an acoustic jam with Pedro Arevelo.
The gig was at the Half moon, a huge victorian pub.
THe evenin got off to an amusing start when my borther and I walked in to the public bar at the front of the pub. "hey guys" said a drunken regular, "two blokes from the 1970's have just walked in!
After a pint we headed to the rear of the building to where the band were to play. Not the biggest of venues, a bar at one end, a few tables and chairs and a small stage stuck in the corner. We got ourselves a drink and to our surprise found a table right at the front. A perfect position as I had brought my camera.
The lighting didn't look promising from a photography point of view, a mirror ball and a couple of spots which, as the support band took to the stage, did little to illuminate the stage.
The Oli Brown band proved an excellent opener, Oli,a young, make that very young guitar player in the Stevie Ray Vaughan mode, played some fine blues. I took a few photos of Oli,the spot lights bathing him in a red glow, very difficult to focus properly with red lights. Thats my excuse anyway!
After a short break Devon bounded on to the stage which the bloke playing music over the PA failed to notice! Devon joined in with the track playing a few tasty licks over the track, which was quite amusing.
After a short announce ment by the promoter the band kicked off with a storming version of Maholo, an instrumental track from their album Torch.
Tonight was Gregg Allman's birthday so Devon dedicated a some songs to his dad, by playing a selection of Allman Brothers Band songs! During the gig I managed to get quite a few photos of devon in action.
A great evenings entertainment with a good vibe,( the place was full, always a good sign)and the promoter Pete fenestra certainIy is a fan of good quality rock n roll bands.
'll certainly visit this venue again. A walk and eventual bus ride delivered us to my sister in laws house where we stayed for the night, ears ringing!


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