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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

more music

Two concerts to go to, what a nice way to start the week and to help us forget the crappy weather.
Both gigs were part of the London Jazz Festival. Not sure either concert could be called jazz, certainly not what the popular press would class as Jazz. Monday night saw us at the Barbican to see Chick Corea and Bela fleck. An unusual combination.Chick is recognised as a legendary jazz musician (except when he plays with his electric band, who's guitar led fusion seems to upset the traditionalists) Bela is a banjo player from NYC who leads his own unique band who blend jazz,rock,bluegrass. With just two musicians on stage it was hardly going to be a lively affair, still a really enjoyable evening.
Tuesday we headed to Dingwalls in Camden town to see Matt Schofield, a young british blues guitar player who has caught the eye of the US blues critics. We've seen Matt several times this year and he never disappoints. Hi trio are a tight funky unit, this evening with the tenor sax of PeeWee Ellis. The legendary horn man from Van Morrison's band.
Another great evening, in a nice venue.


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