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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Godalming again

This week it was back to Bowden Smyth in leafy Godalming (actually, as it's autumn the leaves are on the ground)
Just a couple of days. but as money is flowing out of my pocket and into the builders I musn't grumble.
I quite enjoy seeing Jax and the crew, they're all ex "lahndan" types who unsurprisingly prefer living in the country.
The biggest drawback to working in leafy Surrey is the commute.
I awake to the not so soothing voice of the LBC travel reporter who usually announce that the tube (well my line at least) is running with delays due to late running engineering or because some inconsiderate loony has thrown themselves under the nearest train.
To get to Waterloo I have to change from the Piccadilly line at Green Park to get a Jubilee line train.
This involves a long walk along a long tunnel that smells of sweaty socks. A question. Why do Jubilee line trains make that strange howling noise?
The overland train to Godalming is quite enjoyable. Boarding at Waterloo I can get a seat, and this week ,fed up with reading about z list celebrities in the free Metro paper, I bought myself Eric Clapton's autobiography and settled in to my seat on the sunny side of the 8.15 to Haslemere.
Working for the day with the creative director (jax) is always a fairly relaxed affair. We're both old enough and experienced enough to get on with the work as well as having a laugh.
Going home is never as nice as the outward journey. The Train back to waterloo is usually crowded so it's on with the ipod, and on this occasion, get my nose into my book.
I could get off the train at Clapham junction to get a train to Brentford, but since I sold my 'commuting bike' I usually stayed on the train until Waterloo.
Back on to the howling jubilee line to Green Park. To be truly comfortable standing on the westbound platform of the Piccadilly Line in the evening may I suggest wearing a swim suit. Scorchio!
Wednesday evening was no different, I had, thinking it was getting cooler , worn a fleece lined denim jacket on top of a long-sleeved t-shirt.
Ten minutes passed before a train arrived. so full I couldn't get on. I waited for the next train still too full.
Eventually they announced severe delays to the Piccadilly and Victoria lines. This left me the only option of a Central Line to Ealing. My ipod has enough tunes on it to play for 4 and a half days.Just as well.
Julie and Lauren who had been out to athletics picked me up from the station. Hunger had kicked in at this late stage of the day so we all started shouting at one another. A McDonalds meal washed down with a glass of red wine was hardly a great way to end the day.
Thursdays journey seemed to be going ok until I arrived at Waterloo were a larger than normal crowd stood staring up at the destination board.
Delays cancellations. oh dear! Yes, someone had thrown themselves under a train at Byfleet, marvelous.
After a busy day I made my way to the quaint station at Godalming for my journey home.
"Bing Bong " 'the 17.51 train is running 30 minutes late due to a tree on the line somewhere off, deep in the dark Surrey countryside! Oh ,well at least I have the time to read about Eric Clapton slow slide into heroin addiction.!


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