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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

baked potato

I love cooking, and as I work from home (semi-retired, not my words but probably true) I'm in charge of pretty much all the meals in our family.
The thought of having a new shiny kitchen where I can chop my veg, sip a glass or two of vino and listen to a bit of music certainly got my juices flowing.
The harsh reality of life with our building work going on is beginning to drive me mad. Actually not just me but Lauren and Julie too. Reduced to cooking with the microwave, previously only used to defrost a previously prepared chilli or to soften a spoon bending tub of Ben & Jerry's, fills me with dread.
The one thing I have managed prepare is chicken in a lemon sauce with baked potatoes and a bit of broccolli.
However,the novelty of this admittedly tasty meal is begining to wear off.
Imagine our delight when a friendly neighbour invited us over for dinner. At last a meal in a warm welcoming home. The friends in question are keen cooks themselves so we were anticipating a tasty evening.
As we took our seats around the dinner table, Julie said, to no one in particular, "I never want to see another baked potato for as long as I live!" At which point our kind hosts appear from the kitchen with serving dishes piled high with chicken and, you've guessed it , baked potatoes!!
Still It was delicious meal in good company ,none of whom seemed to have heard Julie's gaff.


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